The NECSST (Next-generation Embedded/Computer System Software Technology) Lab conducts research on
system software issues in today's computing infrastructure ranging from embedded systems to large scale systems such
as cloud and warehouse scale computers, with a special focus on flash memory based storage devices and
non-volatile memory (aka NVRAM, NVM, Persistent Memory (PM), Storage Class Memory (SCM), etc.) based systems.
Our research has been supported by NRF (the NFS equivalent of Korea), the Ministry of Science and ICT,
Samsung Electronics, and SKhynix among others. Our current focus of research is as follows:
• Operating system redesign for non-volatile memory deployed systems
• Systems Support for big data and deep learning
• Operating system issues related to flash memory & Solid State Drives (SSDs)
• Efficient file system design and implementation for SSDs
• Efficient FTL design and implementation for Flash memory
• QoS issues for flash memory and SSDs

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Paper accepted at MICRO 2018

UNIST CSE CISSR team, NECSST lab researcher Sekwon Lee and Professor Sam H. Noh’s paper entitled “iDO: Compiler-Directed Failure Atomicity for Nonvolatile Memory”...